14 - 16 April 2019, Jeddah

Intersec Middle East Security Forum

Date: 24 - 25 April 2018
Venue: Al Dahlan Hall, Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events, Jeddah, KSA

A two-day forum discussing the most pressing safety and security challenges in the region

Backed by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, both the public and private sector in Saudi Arabia is set to witness a robust expansion over the coming years.

With increased spending and growth in infrastructure, tourism, aviation, transportation, renewable energy sources and utilities the demand for additional security measures and advanced security solutions for public and private safety will grow manifold. 

Now in its second edition, the Intersec Middle East Security Forum brings together safety and security experts from industry, government authorities, law enforcement agencies, regulators, public and private organisations and solution providers. The forum will address the key security challenges and potential threats and will shed light on the latest sophisticated technologies and innovations in regional and global security market that can support the increasingly complex safety and security needs of the Kingdoms public and private sector.

Some of the key topics that will be in focus at the Intersec Middle East Security Forum 2018 which will be held alongside the exhibition on 24 - 25 April 2018 includes:

• Developing a culture of safety and security as a key objective of Kingdom’s Vision 2030
• Crowd protection in large scale gatherings and public places in Saudi Arabia
• Implementing stronger border protection whilst ensuring secure and lawful trade and travel
• Securing the critical national infrastructure including oil and gas and petrochemical assets, hospitals and healthcare infrastructure, telecom, and energy and utilities
• Convergence of cyber and physical security
• Crisis and emergency management … and more

Who Should Attend?

Directors, Head, Vice Presidents, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Superintendents, Consultants and Chiefs in-charge of:
• Airport Security
• Asset Security, Protection and Facilities Management
• Business Continuity
• Contingency Planning and Loss Prevention
• Corporate Security
• Crisis and Disaster Management
• Cyber, Information and IT Security
• Emergency Response and Services
• Emergency Services
• Industrial Safety and Security
• Infrastructure Security
• Risk Assessment and Management
• Safety and Security Training, Inspection and Control
• Transport Security
• Other related job functions

From (Industries Involved):

• Banks and Financial Institutions
• Airports, Railways and Seaports
• Oil and Gas Companies
• Defense and Homeland Security Establishments
• Chemical companies
• Government Authorities, Police and Security Agencies
• Government Facilities
• IT, Telecom and Communications
• Manufacturing Companies
• Public Infrastructure and Utilities
• Special Events
• Stadiums and Religious places
• Transportation Companies
• Other related industries